Buying a Wi-Fi repeater – what you should look out for

If the reception goes to pieces a few walls away, it is helpful to acquire a Wi-Fi repeater. This way, a stable Internet connection is maintained. For example, if you want to share your Wi-Fi with a neighbor, you can use a powerline repeater, which has a wide range.

Important info on a good Internet connection

  • A Wi-Fi repeater is not only useful for rooms further away. According to some tests, they also help when the Wifi is affected by sources of interference
  • To play games, a stable signal is very important.
  • Also other services that require constant data exchange, such as streaming videos through streaming services or even video telephony need a stable signal.
  • Already from two walls you feel a significant improvement in your Wi-Fi signal.

The classic repeater and the powerline repeater

Also with Wi-Fi repeaters, a distinction is made between two different models. While a classic Wi-Fi repeater is used for a few specific rooms, a powerline repeater bridges long distances. For most households, a classic Wi-Fi repeater is enough.

  • They catch the radio signal and pass it on.
  • They are cheap.
  • No additional cables are necessary.
  • It is an additional part.

The powerline repeater was previously developed only for industries. Today, they are also available for private homes:

  • Powerline repeaters can easily bridge distances to the next apartment.
  • They are therefore suitable if you want to share the Wi-Fi.
  • The repeater consists of a receiver unit and a transmitter unit.
  • The network is more stable.
  • The repeaters are, however, quite expensive.